Floss Recovery Band (Compression Strap)
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Floss Recovery Band (Compression Strap)

Floss Recovery band
is used as a performance enhancing or rehabilitation tool. “Flossing” or “blood flow restriction therapy” is the practice of using a therapeutic elastic band on extremities and joints. The bands are firmly wrapped around the part of body to be treated, muscle group, or at the joint (ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist, elbow).

The intention is to create a brief and partial interruption of venous outflow (while maintaining arterial flow) to the tissues by tightening the band around the area of focus (at a tension of no more than 50 percent stretch) while performing low to no-load movements such as flexion and extension, adduction, abduction and tri-planar.

Floss band helps make positive subjective changes to our joints and soft tissues through compression, tension an d movement . All of this result in increased ranges of motion, improved recovery times, better joint centration, decrease in pain, increase in strength, and overall better movement.

How to use the floss recovery band

  1. Start by wrapping the band about 5cm below the area (the joint or soft tissue area) you wanting to treat. Finish the wrapping about the same distance (5cm) above the treatment area. Tuck the end of the band under.
  2. During wrapping, keep a few centimeters overlap (about half of the band width).
  3. Once the band is applied, try moving into the position causing restriction, or in all possible directions.
  4. Keep the band for about 1-2 minutes only.


Remove the band and STOP using immediately if :

  • Your skin turns ghostly white, or when you touch the skin and the colour does not return.
  • You begin to feel numbness, tingling (pins-and-needles), dizziness, or pain.
  • You suddenly feel claustrophobic.


Do not use on HEAD, NECK, CHEST, BELLY or BACK


  • Portable.
  • Elastic construction and tear resistant.
  • Stretchable latex or non-latex options.
  • Latex options are red and black, smooth surface.
  • Latex-free is blue , suitable for those who are latex-allergy.
  • Easy to apply and to release.
  • 2m x 2 inch.

Storage Condition

Store in cool, dry place, below 40°C (104°F), away from heat and direct sunlight.


  • This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
  • Inspect your bands thoroughly BEFORE EVERY use for signs of any tears, wear and tear, small nicks, punctures, or damage that may cause the band to break. Bands will eventually wear out and can break over time.
  • Avoid contact with any sharp objects/surfaces/edges. Finger rings, long, sharp fingernails and rough soles of sport shoes can damage the bands. 
  • Avoid contact with any petroleum based liquid / solvent / chemical.
  • Use of bands can cause serious injuries when not used properly or safely. Always perform safe and pain free exercises. Avoid exercises that involve stretching the band in such a way that it may snap towards the head and cause injuries to head or eyes.
  • Bands should be kept out of the reach of younger children to avoid injury.
  • Younger athletes should be supervised when using the bands.
  • Never stretch any band more than twice its original length.
  • After use in chlorinated water, rinse the band with tap water and dry it.
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